Happy Gas Patient

As an extremely anxious and nervous patient, having not been to the dentist in 16 years, the “Happy Gas”, alongside the calm, honest, and relaxed approach by the dental team, has transformed the way I feel about visiting the clinic. I wouldn’t say I enjoy going to the clinic but the gas has certainly made my visit easier, especially when having any work done. (I just relax and let the dentist work away) without fear of pain or tension. The gas has also made the hygienist visit easier being able to relax and not worry about the process from start to end. An overall approach that has certainly left me with healthier teeth, a more comfortable smile and the removal of the dreaded dentist visit.

Louise King

I have recently had two repelcement crowns. I am very happy with the outcome and excelent service from the clinical team. I will be moving away shorly, but I will be returning to the practice for dental treatments in the future.